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i-CREATe 2021 will be held in Thailand from December 6th to 9th2021.03.16
Improved sleep health measures among patients2020.09.30
Practice reduces depression for 59% of patients2020.09.29
Telehealth access for veterans2020.09.29
The Global Alliance of Assistive Technology Organizations (GAATO)2020.09.29
New telehealth technology uses the TV set2020.09.28
Fitbit can predict COVID-192020.09.28
the 2020 International Convention on Rehabilitation Engineering and Technology (i-CREATe 2020) 2020.09.01
GAATO AT Outcomes & Impacts Summit at RESNA 20202020.09.01
A glove to treat symptoms of stroke2019.05.17
The deaf-blind can now watch television without intermediaries2019.05.09
Robotic device improves balance and gait2019.05.09
To prevent rehospitalizations from nursing homes2019.05.09
Video game system technology helping physical therapists, athletic trainers2019.05.09
Collision-detecting suitcase2019.05.09
Prosthetic arms2018.10.04
Tiny, light-sensitive chips restore sight to the blind 2018.10.04
The first issue of TREATS 2018 2018.03.29
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